VEF БАГТА-50 1955 Phone Restoration

VEF БАГТА-50 1955 Soviet USSR Rotary Phone Rubles
VEF БАГТА-50 1955

Before the restoration:

VEF БАГТА-50 1955 Soviet USSR Phone Before Restoration

The Process:

1. First I removed all the components.

2. I dry cleaning the components as best as I could with a toothbrush.

3. I soaked all the rusted screws and bells in white vinegar for some times andcleaned them with the toothbrush, I also had to use a fine sandpaper to clean the rusted bell. (more…)

Reveneering a Toshiba SR-305 Turntable

Since I can’t seem to find any more turntable for to restore these days well I decided to keep busy this weekend (and probably longer) by reveneering this Toshiba SR-305 with white birch wood so here we go!

Here’s how it looks right now :

Toshiba SR-305 Turntable

After removing all the components it is time to  remove all that gray/silver plastic stuff :

Toshiba SR-305 Turntable

Here’s a look after I applied the new veneer, Already look awesome! :

And a bit of stain I had left from my  “LP Record Bin” Project :

Now let’s wait a few hours to apply a second layer of stain… (more…)

Apple Crisp Recipe

Here’s one of my favorite desert!
You should really try it if you never had some… it taste awesome! 🙂

Apple Crisp Recipe

– 8 Apples
– ½ Cup of Sugar
– ½ Cup of Butter
– 1 Cup of Brown Sugar
– 1 Cup of Flour
– 1 TSP of Cinammon
– 1 Cup of Walnuts

– Peel the apples and slice into thin pieces
– Butter a plate of 8’’ x 12’’
– Cover bottom of plate with half the apples.
– Sprinkle the sugar and add the remaining apples
– Undo the butter into cream, add the brown sugar, mix and add the flour, cinnamon and nuts
– Spread the mix onto the apples
– Bake in the oven at 350F for about 35 minutes

Bon Appétit!