Reveneering a Toshiba SR-305 Turntable

Since I can’t seem to find any more turntable for to restore these days well I decided to keep busy this weekend (and probably longer) by reveneering this Toshiba SR-305 with white birch wood so here we go!

Here’s how it looks right now :

Toshiba SR-305 Turntable

After removing all the components it is time to  remove all that gray/silver plastic stuff :

Toshiba SR-305 Turntable

Here’s a look after I applied the new veneer, Already look awesome! :

And a bit of stain I had left from my  “LP Record Bin” Project :

Now let’s wait a few hours to apply a second layer of stain…
EDIT : Apr 24, 2016
After a second layer of stain!

EDIT : Apr 25, 2016
And a first coat of Polyurethane!

EDIT : Apr 26, 2016 – 6:00PM
Things don’t always go as planned! I had to mess up the corners while sanding before the second coat of Polyurethane…

But eh that’s not the end of the world! As much as I would have liked not to… let’s just sand it back to the wood and start again!

EDIT : Apr 26, 2016 – 8:20PM
Here we go with the second “first” coat of stain! Let’s hope that this time everything will go as expected.
I’m also not sure why but I think it looks better than the first time?
Maybe I didn’t sand enough the first time or maybe it’s just the lighting?

EDIT : Apr 27, 2016 – 7:00PM
I’m under the strange impression that I’m repeating myself but here’s the second “second” coat of stain!

EDIT : Apr 28, 2016 – 8:10PM
And again a first coat of Poly. I’m gonna be more careful tomorrow while sanding it for the second coat… Let’s hope everything will go well this time!

EDIT : Apr 29, 2016 – 10:40PM
Sanding & applying the second coat of Poly, even being very careful I did lose a bit of stain while sanding again but only on the sides and it is not very noticeable unless you are really looking for it I think it is good enough let’s wait again for the third coat of poly!

EDIT : Apr 30, 2016 2- 3:45PM
Final coat of poly! Can’t wait to put it back together as soon as it’s dry!

EDIT : Apr 30, 2016 – 11:00PM
Alright putting it back together and final look! Just need to get a new stylus and it’s ready to sell!

So it was a lot of work but I think it was worth it! What do you think? 🙂

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